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Geospatial Data Analytics

Combining GeoData Analytics and Business Data results in the ability to create models that can display insightful relationships and patterns in spatial data, which can then be used in your business’s planning and development.


Experience and expertise in Geographic Information Systems or GIS for more than 20 years.


Flexible and creative, with an added focus on development that will bring maximum benefits to the end user.

Rich POI & Location Data

Contains the most accurate, detailed, and accurate landmarks, roads and location data.


Part of CDG Group, a provider of integrated information technology systems for more than 50 years.

Geospatial Data Analytics

Business Intelligence is a service that analyzes data for insights that will provide as much information as possible, resulting in better decisions being made for an organization. It typically utilizes data from 2 main sources: 1. Internal Business Data that the organization has in the past or present, such as Transaction Data Customer Information Data Sales Data; 2. Accrued spatial data or GeoData obtained through analysis via specific Models & Algorithms. Business Intelligence aims to leverage data insights to predict future trends, displayed in user-friendly, convenient, and efficient forms such as Map Visualization or Interactive Charts and Graphs. With Business Intelligence running an organization, it enjoys greater confidence and enhanced planning, strategizing, and marketing that will nurture further growth.


Service Process

1. Get Requirement

Better predict and understand the needs of customers.

2. Internal Process

Data preparation and testing of Models & Algorithms.

3. On Site Support (Online)

Presentation of Feasibility Test (PoC) results.

4. Analysis & Report Generation

Hands-on analysis and report generation.

5. Acceptance report

Report submission for decision making.

Core Benefits

Engaging insights

Viewing data in the form of a visual map makes it easier to understand how events are taking place, and better shows how organizations can react accordingly.

Better foresight

Shows how the area has changed over time, helping organizations better prepare for changes and schedule future actions.

Targeted solutions

Viewing location-based data helps organizations understand why certain locations, or provinces, provide greater successful in business than others.

Geospatial Data Analytics

Who is it suitable for?

Companies that want to analyze spatial data and focus on results in ready-made reports, enabling quick service to customers.

Companies that do not have experts in Data Analytics or do not have experts in GeoData.

Companies that require infrequent data analysis (once or twice a year), therefore utilizing one-off services rather than investing in costly data science teams or software and map data sets for analysis.

Companies with limited human resources that are unable to assign teams to learn Geo Spatial Data Analytics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Business Intelligence, one of NOSTRA’s services, helps analyze past or present data within your organization. We use GeoData to create Data Models in the form of Map Visualization & Interactive Graph that aid in business Prediction.

All companies, organizations or agencies that fall under the following criteria

  1. No data analytics specialist or GeoData expert
  2. Infrequent data analysis (once a year or twice a year)
  3. Those lacking the budget to procure software and data packages.
  4. Those with limited resources, and are unable to assign teams to learn Geo Spatial Data Analytics work.
  5. People who want quick and easy ready-made reports, enabling quick service to customers.

Geo Spatial Data Analytics service consists of 5 main steps as follows:

  1. Understanding requirements (study of customer needs)
  2. Internal Process (data preparation and testing of the model)
  3. On Site Support: Online (Presentation of POC workings)
  4. Create report (report creation)
  5. Acceptance report (delivery of report)

Our reports can be viewed in various forms, depending on the needs of the customer, with support for Microsoft Word / Powerpoint / PDF, and even transferrable to various BI Tools as needed, including the likes of Power BI / Tableau, etc.

Customers must purchase a license to freely use our data. Otherwise, any information shared is “borrowed”.  

By default, our reports are provided in only one format. However, customers can request and purchase additional reports to be sent in more than one format.

If your organization is already using Business Intelligence software such as Power BI or Tableau, you can choose to have us create templates for displaying data on that software without having to purchase additional licenses from NOSTRA.

Data Models or Know-hows that are a direct result of any transaction between NOSTRA and the customer will be considered the right of the customer. NOSTRA will not publish or copy any Data Models or otherwise, as they remain under the sole rights of the customer for further use.

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