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Financial & Banking

Gaining a deeper understanding of consumer behaviors and market trends greatly simplifies how businesses and grow and expand. Reduce your business’s risk and put its future in your hands today.

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Finance and banking are businesses that have evolved with the times extraordinarily well. Today, digital banking has been fully adopted, and with the proliferation of the Internet of Things, competition is rife. To retain existing customers and capture new ones alike, banks, credit businesses, and other financial services have turned their attention to studying how GIS map data can provide new perspectives. NOSTRA’s map data can be combined with your organization’s data to increase your knowledge and understanding of the market.

Choosing the right locations for expansion

Analyze spatial data deeply, precisely, and accurately with powerful map data to discover trends and possible directions for your business’s growth. For example, you can make a more informed decision when selecting a new branch, office, or ATM location by analyzing pre-defined conditions. Variables that can be observed from our map data includes population analysis, median income per household, the distribution of community interests, etc., and can all be utilized in various ways to the efficiency of your business.

Increase the valuation of asset appraisals.

The valuation of assets for the financial and banking businesses heavily depend on location. As our online digital maps provide real-time updated data, your asset valuation can be much more accurate. Utilize our data-driven insights to reduce risks in your business’s expansion.

Reach customers in a timely manner

The NOSTRA API supports easy integration of its navigational system so developers can easily create their own applications. Utilize our map to help your crew better plan transportation routes and optimize the number of vehicles in your fleet to accommodate customers as well as you can. This will also result in reduced repair costs, fuel usage, and will increase the safety of your drivers.

Site Selection

Nostra’s GIS map data contains information on various special layers specifically suited to financial business analysis and direct banking. This includes data on land value, National Park boundaries, City Plan scopes, and Land Expropriation. Stored in the form of Extensions compatible with geospatial programs such as Shapefile, Geodatabase, and ArcGIS, you’ll be able to immediately obtain data insights to easily identify how you can increase your sales.

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