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NOSTRA Premium Map

Our base map covers the entirety of Thailand, following the standards set by the FGDS
Accurate to a scale of 1 : 4,000 nationwide


Utilizing vector data, our base map is accurately detailed and extremely precise, suitable for use with GIS technology that powers our land management system, NOSTRA Premium Map. Our system can analyze complex data with ease, regardless of project size, and even maps in general. Our GIS system can be used to aid in a variety of tasks, such as in public utility development, transportation development, environmental development, resource allocation, public health management systems, and even in market strategizing (i.e. planning the establishment of additional branches, analysis of nearby service areas, route management, logistics, etc.)

The NOSTRA Premium Map product
has 2 geographic coordinates systems.

1. Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM)

is based on the WGS1984 Datum (unit: meters).

2. Latitude Longitude

is based on the WGS1984 Datum (unit: Degree/Minute of arc).


Vector Data

The NOSTRA digital mapping is always up to update, precise and reliable in its quality.

Made for GIS

Consists of spatial data and attribute data that provides in-depth information such as Thai-English names, road width, number of traffic lanes etc., therefore it is able to search, analyze and display result in the GIS system with maximum accuracy.

Best Coverage

Has complete and comprehensive information covering Thailand’s 77 provinces including all administrative districts, water routes, transportation networks, junctions and more than 1.7 million landmarks throughout the country.


Is compatible with Geodatabase and Shapefile formats. It can be easily linked to GIS software and is an international standard like that of ArcGIS, ArcView and other software.

Premium map layer

Administrative Data

  • Thailand

Networking Data

  • Thailand

Data on bodies of water

  • Thailand

Data on points of interest

  • Thailand

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