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Assess the best location for your next project, be it housing estates, condominiums, office buildings, etc. GIS map data provides an alternative source of valuable data that enhances your ability to make great decisions regardless of your needs.

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When you find yourself in need of analysis, planning, and evaluation of your next project’s site, using NOSTRA’s GIS map data is a great way to get comprehensive data on factors that matter. Whether you’re planning a housing estate, condominium, office building, or otherwise, we provide a variety of data layers that support real estate with valuable insights. Our data is also offered in highly compatible storage formats that can be accessed through industry standard software, making NOSTRA map widely used in leading real estate businesses.

Precisely analyze your business trends

Analyze spatial data deeply, precisely, and accurately with powerful map data to discover trends and possible directions for your business’s growth.

Discover and invest in prime locations before the competition

competing in the real estate business means every second wasted is an opportunity lost. Optimize your decision making with data-driven insights to stay ahead of competitors.

Lock onto the right Target Audience

With our spatial data covering regional consumer behaviors, habits, and needs, you’ll be able to discover the perfect audience for your current project.

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