Globetech Co., Ltd., a leading comprehensive mapping and location content service provider in Thailand, addressed the 12 technology trends that will soon add to the challenges faced by businesses.  Deploying IT technologies to outpace the competition, Globetech has created a new tagline for its NOSTRA Map, changing it from “The Map You Can Trust” to “Turn Your Data into Decisions”. The company has also developed a new product line based on a Data Analytics Platform to tap into insurance and healthcare services. The innovative products made possible through technological transformation will enable the company to keep its position on the market as the Number 1 in maps for navigation that also offer online lifestyle content.  The aim is to meet market demands with a customer-centric approach and build loyalty among automakers and consumers with 20 percent growth target this year.
Mr. Wichai Saenghirunwattana, General Manager of Globetech Co., Ltd., says that the company has not merely rewritten its tagline –from “The Map You Can Trust” to “Turn Your Data into Decisions– but is also repositioning its brand. In addition to the development of its core Location Content service, it is also offering a variety of services and in-depth information for analytical use. The company’s research and development team will focus on the adoption of Data, Big Data and Location Data to optimize benefits in Business Intelligence. This is seen as crucial in gaining a competitive edge to face up to upcoming 12 technology trends that will rapidly disrupt businesses.  Research by McKinsey & Company identified 12 technologies that have the greatest potential to drive substantial economic impact and disruption. They are: Mobile Internet, Automation of knowledge work, The Internet of Things, Cloud technology, Advanced Robotics, Autonomous and near-autonomous Vehicles, Next-Generation Genomics, Energy Storage, 3D Printing, Advanced Materials, Advanced Oil and Gas Exploration and Recovery, and Renewable Energy.
“In terms of business operations in Thailand, Globetech anticipates 5 IT technology trends that will have a massive economic disruptive impact on the country’s development and move to Thailand 4.0 and beyond. The upcoming disruptive technologies are as follows: Mobile Internet: increasingly inexpensive and efficient mobile computing devices and Internet connectivity including smartphones, tablets and wearables that create large volumes of data streaming in from mobile internet devices.  Automation of knowledge and work: intelligent software systems that help manage Big Data, enabling users to analyze difficult and complex information easily and quickly. Both the public and private sectors can bring significant insights to the decision-making on various issues.   Internet of Things (IoT): electronic devices and everyday physical objects are being connected to the internet. Development of IoT-based devices is proceeding rapidly.  Cloud Technology: the delivery of computing services over the internet, enabling SMEs to access IT products and services without having to pay the high operating costs of the past. Globetech has also taken Nostra Map from Offline to Online to increase its reach.  Autonomous and near-autonomous vehicles: Self-driving vehicles which require accurate and precise data to navigate and operate efficiently with no human intervention.  All these 5 IT technologies are driving the exponential growth of data. For this reason, NOSTRA’s “Turn Your Data into Decisions” new tagline has been created to offer enterprises a new experience in utilizing Big Data for business analysis and to optimize benefits,” said Mr. Wichai.
Mr. Wichai adds that Globetech is introducing two new solutions. The first, Smart Health, offers data connectivity through the Active Platform or Smart Watch Platform. This record of tracked daily activities and exercises can be used to analyze the relationship between various physical activities and health behaviors. Smart Health can help improve healthcare efficiency through reports drawn from 3 technologies: IoT, Telematics Device and Big Data Analytics. This solution has been developed to meet the needs of the health service industry including hospitals, nursing homes and health insurance companies.  The second, Smart Drive, meanwhile, delivers faster driving environments through Telematics technology, which uses collected data and wireless communications to provide drivers with advance warning of dangerous conditions on the road. Big Data Analytics technology tracks driving behaviors that will provide useful information for the insurance business. A new type of auto insurance called Usage-based Insurance (UBI) will be measured based on real driving time and distance and the individual’s driving behavior. This is beneficial to consumers and insurance companies in the digital age. Both solutions will help enterprises survive business in today’s world of digital transformation where executives must consider “Disrupt or be disrupted” in taking any decisions.
As the Number 1 in in-car GPS navigation, NOSTRA does not just provide a comprehensive map of location content service but has also developed Online Lifestyle Content to cater to the connected car or smart car. Lifestyle content for the connected car covers dining, travel, and shopping in line with consumers’ needs.  NOSTRA’s client list includes many leading automakers and the company expects to see a growing demand for in-car navigation solutions as the upcoming 5G technology fuels the rapid growth of the global connected car market, which is estimated to reach $156.1 billion in 2023. In Thailand, the number of connected cars equipped with the navigation system is expected to grow to 100,000 units by the end of 2019 from over 30,000 units at present.
Las year, Globetech met its targeted operating performance, with Map for Navigation and Map for GIS services both major contributors to revenue. This year, the new product line is expected to represent 10 percent of the total revenue, Mr. Wichai says.