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Our data maps can procure an accurate population density reading through rigorous surveying and analysis of data from the government, state-owned enterprises, and private individuals. This information is useful to show the potential of expanding business areas, help in strategizing service plans, expansion of new buildings or branches, and aiding in determining suitable sales targets in each area. The demographic data is categorized into 3 sets which are:

  • Thailand demographic data
  • Gridded population daytime
  • Gridded population nighttime

Gridded Population daytime

Gridded population daytime data was developed to determine the statistical analysis of population density to strategize accordingly and create added value for businesses. The statistics are provided by the Thai state’s administration and focus on businesses’ operational hours from Monday through Friday from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. These statistics cover nationwide data and display population density results on the map to clearly show the distribution. The unit follows the standard of 1 Grid equating to 500 x 500 meters and can be adjusted according to the needs of the business.

Gridded Population nighttime

Gridded population night-time data is similar to Gridded population daytime data, but is based on surveys, and shows nighttime service providers operating from Monday through Friday between 18.00 – 06.00 hrs. The service providers are divided into 3 groups, namely the service provides operating from 18.00 – 22.00 hrs., 22.00 hrs. – 02.00 hrs. and 24 hours. Analysis and population density results are displayed on the map to clearly show distribution. The unit follows the standard of 1 Grid equating to 500 x 500 meters and can be adjusted according to the needs of the business.

Thailand demographic data

Demographic data is collected from surveying all areas of Thailand and is further categorized in tables for analytical use. The demographic data can be sorted by age, income and average expenditure per household, occupation and level of education – both at the district level and by municipality.

Success case


A beverage store may identify suitable areas to open a new branch by
using the gridded population daytime data together with other information such as the location/landmark data, extra content data, road map data and public transportion routes.

Online payment service

Using gridded population daytime data, Online payment service providers may identify suitable areas to install new machines by determining quantity in relation to population density in the area, along with utilizing information such as landmarks, extra content information, street planning and public transportion routes.

How is demographic data useful for businesses?

Gridded Population Daytime

Banking and finance businesses

Gridded population daytime may help businesses reduce or increase their operational branches depending on whether areas have high or low population density and can help with strategizing location-based marketing plans.

Retail businesses

Gridded population daytime may help businesses identify new service areas to reach new costumers, analyze potential competitors before appropriating a marketing plan or expanding branches in suitable areas.

Gridded Population Nighttime

Real estate business

Gridded population nighttime data can be used to identify suitable area for building a condominium or a new home. GIS data can display local facilities, city plans, and even information on potential new buildings that are to be built in that area so that business owners may accurately assess and set pricing according to the true value of the area.

Food delivery service business

Gridded population nighttime data shows the peak times for ordering food delivery, new potential areas for setting up a kitchen hub and estimating whether services meet demands in each area.

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