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Because every step of the journey is important, GlobeTech emphasizes on attention to detail in developing the map for the highest precision, answering to every user need imaginable. The map can find your destination with accuracy, making every trip stress-free and convenient for everyone.


NOSTRA Maps Thailand making every trip stress-free

  • Intelligent search
    Now easier to search for places or routes on the NOSTRA maps.
  • Turn by Turn navigation
    Never miss a trip with the NOSTRA maps’ computing and navigation system.
  • Voice Guidance
    Stay comfortable and secure with voice-guided navigation for automobiles.
  • Traffic Information
    Time-efficient by reporting the density of traffic.
NOSTRA Maps Thailand applications

Encompasses all applications

  • ASEAN Map Data
    MAP of the 10 ASEAN countries are available on NOSTRA maps today.
  • Groups of Points of Interests
    Creating more convenience in searching for destinations by grouping, with up to 33 groups available.
  • Navigation Data
    Make driving easy with map data and full navigation features for automobiles.
  • Lifestyle Content
    Data collection for every lifestyle, including food, traveling, shopping, leisure activities, and interesting events where you can fully let go of your senses.

Accurate, Never miss a destination

Accuracy guaranteed by the experts of the area. Up to date information, with live updates. Find any destination.

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