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Manage employees
from everywhere

Elevate the efficiency of working from home with Digital Work, a simple yet effective team management application.

Digital Work opens your organization to greater connectivity, management, and work efficiency.  With Digital Work, your team members can check in and check out with the click of a button, share real-time location tags, as well as easily update their progress to others with message and image attachments.


 work in progress and real time on-site location to employer

Monitor and Manage

overall team performances and personal status on map


employees report to their personal performance evaluation



Check in & Check out

Employees can easily check-in to work when arriving on-site and check-out at the end of the day with data safely and securely being sent on the cloud.

Send Location

Real-time location sharing can be readily sent to appropriate managers for tracking of off-site business.

Add Note & Picture

With the attachment of notes and images, employees can easily update their work progress to appropriate managers.

Add your Place

Manually save most-visited locations and sites for easier location management.

View History

A dynamic calendar provides the ability for employees to view past entries and work details in a convenient and simple way.

Employer/ HR Department/ Supervisor

Checked In – Checked Out Report

Supervisors and HR can Export Files for a detailed report of check-in/check-out and work activity for each employee, providing a clear and precise overview of productivity.

Status Activity Report

Supervisors and managers can Export Files to easily view and manage the past activity and continued progress of specific employees or entire teams.

Device Tracking

Supervisors and HR can access and view the location of employees and teams, with up to 30 days of location history available at hand.

User Management

Supervisors can search, create, edit, and remove employee profiles as well as establish new designated teams all through an online website or application.

Get Notification

Supervisors can get a list of configurable alerts from employees through the application, notifying them when employees exit designated areas, check-in/check-out notifications, and more.

How the Digital Work Application works

Manage remote employees with powerful, simple-to-use tools that can be accessed via both mobile app and web browsers.

Managers and Supervisors can easily manage their teams through the application at any time.

  • Manage employees in your own team.
    • Add or remove members from your team.
    • Set work areas and zones for specific staff as needed.
  • Get location and status updates of your teams every 15 minutes.
  • View the progress of your employees individually or as set teams, with up to a 7-day history.
  • Set notifications for:
    • When registered employees leave their designated site of work.
    • When off-site employees (such as sales representatives or after-sales service workers) send in location and progress reports.

HR, Managers, or Supervisors viewing status updates via website.

  • Manage and support your employees with real-time location tracking and remote progress monitoring.
  • Increase accountability and view detailed employee status reports with a recorded history of up to 30 days.
  • Easily export and manage all recorded data for analysis and reference in industry-standard formats such as PDF, CSV, and more.
    • Create employee, team, or organization-wide check-in/check-out records.
    • Create employee activity status updates


Digital Work Application เหมาะสำหรับใคร

Companies or organizations with employees stationed remotely.

Companies or organizations that require management of employees stationed in multiple branches.

Companies or organizations that require tracking of remote Sales operations.

Companies or organizations that require proof of work for remote personnel to aid in verification of operational costs and/or quality of work.

Our clients


Digital Work is a web and mobile friendly application designed to help manage remotely working employees, with key features including easy checking in and out of work hours, location sharing, location-based automatic alerts, and status/progress updates with attachable notes and images. Digital Work is comprised of 2 Mobile Applications and 1 Web Application.

Users can save up to three locations – for example Home, Work, and an off-site Work location. Supervisors can add additional areas, up to a maximum of 10.

Yes – log into the Digital work application and in the Settings menu, select to Edit location. Alternatively, delete an old entry to make room for a new one.

Supervisors can by logging into the Digital work for Supervisor app, selecting “Manage Areas”, then “Manage Groups”, under which the location can be edited. Each designated site has a radius of 500 meters from its center point.

Entries cannot be modified from the Digital work application used by general employees.

A mobile device with no battery will have its status shown as “offline” in the Digital work app, with this information being reported to the cloud every 15 minutes. After 6 consecutive reports, an alert is automatically generated to the Digital work for Supervisors app, informing appropriate personnel of the device’s status.

NOSTRA securely encrypts all data in a secure server with active Firewalls, protecting against any unauthorized access and data breaches. User data is protected until their usage ends, or if there are requests for data modification.

Data erasure occurs after confirmation is given to users, with up to 15-30 days of notice given via the user-provided email or telephone before proceeding.

If a user decides to cancel their usage of the application, or hasn’t resigned with the company, NOSTRA will proceed with data erasure of both personal and work-related information within 30 days. If a user grants NOSTRA permission to continue using their information for analysis and reference, said user must submit a signed notice of approval. Data will be saved for a duration agreed upon in the signed contract.

Only the most recently transmitted data from a connected device is used in each report. A timestamp of the most recent transmission as well as current device status can be viewed in-app.

Yes – a Supervisor can create a daily report immediately at day’s end.

iOS 12 and above; Android version 6.0 and above.

Yes – the Digital work Monitoring web application allows supervisors to monitor their employees’ status in real-time.

Digital work consumes approximately 20% of a mobile device’s battery per day and consumes approximately 1200KBps of network data within a month of usage – equivalent to streaming one song. Usage may vary depending on the health and capacity of your mobile device’s battery.

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